Recharge Your Metabolism


Clean & Lean Detox

Included in your 7 days plan:

  • Acupuncture torebalance and recharge your internal system

  • Skin brushing to exfoliate and promote skin rejuvenation

  • Full body lymphatic drainage to cleanse and detox your metabolism

  • Bespoke cleansing dietary programme with anti-inflammatory recipes

  • Detox herbal tinctures to flush out toxins

  • Anti-inflammatory and gut friendly recipes

You will receive a 7 days dietary programme with recipes to follow during your chosen week. The recipes are formulated to help reduce any possible underlying inflammation, cleanse and optimise your metabolism.

During your chosen week you will benefit from 3 Internal Cleanse, External Glow treatments comprising of a combination of skin exfoliation, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage. This is a mindful and natural way to jump start your metabolism and improve your health. As a consequence, you may also shed a few extra pounds all done with one to one support and natural treatments.

You will fill out a questionnaire so that we can establish which best foods to include and exclude during your week and exactly what results you are expecting to have by the end of the week. You may wish to extend the length of your cleanse and keep following certain guidelines as an ongoing basis. This cleanse is the kick start of your new lifestyle for an improved version of yourself. To get to your desired destination, you must take the first step, consider this the beginning of your new journey!

As a general guideline, you will not be consuming any animal derived foods, sugar and/or refined carbohydrates or alcohol (needles to mention!). Your diet will be rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats, polyphenols, fermented foods (to restore good gut bacteria), fibbers and antioxidants. AND โ€“ lots and lots of water!!
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