Fertility Perfected

Improve your chances of conceiving naturally with Claudia’s holistic Fertility Perfected method!

We have developed a natural comprehensive programme, bringing together biomedicine, advanced fertility nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of sub-fertility. We embrace lifestyle medicine as a solution for any health and reproductive health issues.


Backed by Science, Protected by Faith.


Improve your general health and increase pregnancy odds with our treatments and programmes. Feel supported, more relaxed and generally more capable to face the challenges during this delicate period. Take control of your fertility journey whilst reconnecting with yourself and your partner!

It is common for couples trying to conceive (TTC), to feel overwhelmed and totally unsure as to why they can’t get pregnant. Did you know that human beings are the least fertile mammals in our planet? Human’s fecundability is an average of 0.3 per menstrual cycle. Not only semen quality which continues to decline, but also functional fertility is lower in humans than any other mammal – you are not alone in your journey! The good news is that we are also the most capable species in successfully adapting to our circumstances. That is why it is so important to have professional help in order to optimise your reproductive health.

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our reproductive health programmes

Twelve weeks to bump programme
Miscarriage Recovery & Nurture Programme
Clean and Lean Cleanse (9 days)
IVF Booster
Studies show that combining acupuncture with IVF can increase its success by 65%!  Read more here…