Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

A safe and effective treatment to relieve pain and reduce stress

  • Stimulates and increase circulation in the body
  • Warms the body, soften and relaxes the tissues
  • Relieves tension and pain
  • Breaks up muscle scar tissue (knots)
  • Increases blood flow to the injured area and repairs tissues!

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage is a specialization that holds a unique position within the complementary therapies on offer today. These ever so popular modalities can be beneficial by promoting circulation and relaxation, it speeds up tissue recovery from injuries and increases your own body awareness. Whether you are just looking to relax, relive pain or treat an injury, deep tissue or sports massage are both safe and effective! Our treatment is conducted professionally tailoring the session to your bespoke needs.<

We use a combination of warming muscle balms and deep soft tissue manipulation along with a correct use of breathing and visualization. During your session you may also be offered low intensity laser, cupping, joint mobility techniques etc.

There are many different massage techniques, each aimed at achieving a specific result. We often combine most of them within our treatment.

We combine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Sports Massage for a complete mind and body experience! Mention your interest in this whilst making your booking at no extra charge!

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Our Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage treatments cover Liverpool Street, East London, the City of London, and the London postcodes E1, EC1, EC2, EC3, and EC4.