Sports Massage

Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage is a specialisation that holds a unique position within the complementary therapies on offer today. This ever so popular modalityis suitable for anyone experiencing aches and pains, not just for athletes. A professionally conducted soft tissue manipulation speeds up tissue recovery from injuries, increases flexibility, decreases muscle tension promoting an overall sense of relaxation.

Key Benefits:

Whether the results you are just looking for is to relax, relive pain or treat an injury, choosing to have a deep tissue or sports massage is both safe and effective. Our treatment is conducted professionally tailoring the session to your bespoke needs.

We use a combination of warming muscle balms, infrared heat lamp to warm up and increase circulation to the muscles. During your session you may also be offered low intensity laser, cupping, joint mobility techniques etc.

We combine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Sports Massage for a complete mind and body experience! Mention your interest in this whilst making your booking at no extra charge!

specialist care for all sports injuries